About us

Saint Lucia House Foundation

The Saint Lucia house Foundation is a 501c3, non-profit Foundation registered in the state of New York, devoted to the advancement of Saint Lucians in the Diaspora.
The Saint Lucia House Foundation is a resource for Saint Lucian Organizations in the Diaspora, working toward prosperity through social recreation. The purpose of the Foundation is to strengthen member organizations, grow sustainable membership in the Diaspora, cultivate leadership and philanthropy, and foster respect for all. Through special programs and different forums, the Saint Lucia House Foundation aims to build a strong foundation for the future of members.

1. Our Objectives of the Foundation

  1. To promote interest in the Development and Preservation of Saint Lucia House;
  2. To provide fellowship among member associations;
  3. To represent member needs and wants in regard to Saint Lucia House;
  4. To provide a forum for the presentation of innovative ideas to the benefit of the Saint Lucian community in the Diaspora.

2. Our Mission Statement

Umbrella Organization for Saint Lucia Groups in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut

  • To enhance quality of life for all Saint Lucians in the New York Tri State area.
  • To inspire lifelong learning, advance knowledge, and strengthen the Saint Lucian communities in the New York Tri State area.
  • Uniting all Saint Lucians in the New York Tri State area.
  • Tax ID: 27-280412
  • Phone: 1 (347) 927-5840
  • Email: info@sluhouse.com
  • Headquarters: Brooklyn, NY
  • Founded: November 16, 2008
  • Tax deductibility code: 501(c)(3)


Thanks for Your Support

3. Our Foundation

The Saint Lucia House Foundation is the umbrella organization for Saint Lucia organizations in the tri state area of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. Organizations who are genuinely interested in promoting unity of Saint Lucians in the area as well as supporting various causes back in Saint Lucia are encouraged to become members of the organization.

The Foundation has and continues to play a focal organizational role in many endeavors. These include collections of material donations and fund raising for disaster relief, promotion of health and safety for the diaspora. We promote and support activities of interest to the Saint Lucian diaspora, be it cultural, sports, community building, artistic, youth development or charitable. We are open to ideas which will help with the betterment of our organization as well as the wider community.

We collaborate actively with the Saint Lucia Consulate in New York in organizing and promoting annual events of significance for the diaspora. These include Independence celebrations, National Day celebrations, Nobel laureate week and hosting of visiting officials for Town Hall type meetings to discuss national issues.

4. Our Members

Group Presidents / Leaders
Group President/Leader email address
1.Calypso Association Keran Deterville kerandeterville@msn.com
2.Cormesse Neva Jean nevajean@yahoo.com
3.Dennery/Mabouya Valley Association Althia Velinor althia_4@hotmail.com
4.DJSS Past Students Gertrude Hippolyte gertrudembarnard@yahoo.com
5.ERJ Group Jahvin George jahvin.george@gmail.com
6.Grosillians Juliana Willie julianawillie@gmail.com
7.La Rose Bryan Henry bryhen@hotmail.com
8.Mount Zion Gervin Mondesir gervincares@yahoo.com
9.Natural Sounds Eryk Earnest naturalsounds22@msn.com
10.Pitons Netball Club Matthias Wilkie matwilkie@hotmail.com
11.Project Education Jeremiah Hyacinth jeremiah.hyacinth@gmail.com
12.Rytedee Alexandria Actie alexactie@gmail.com
13.SLU American La Rose and Solo Leonard Montoute leonardmontoute@gmail.com
14.SLU Connecticut Association Vernette Joshua vjenkia@aol.com
15.SLU Folklore Association Peter Bruneau peterbruneau@gmail.com
16.SLU National Day Yasmine Anthony yanty271@gmail.com
17.SLU Society Sophia Tisson sophiatisson@yaoo.com
18.SLU United Association Neva Jean nevajean@yahoo.com
19.Watch Radio NYC Felix Adolphe yardiehb72@gmail.com